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OKBABY is a brand that has been on the market for more than 30 years, whose goal is to create a range of nursery products destined to guarantee safety, comfort, innovation, quality.
OKBABY’s constant long-standing commitment in quality research has been awarded UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

This certification guarantees total transparency and precision from development and design to the placement of orders, shipping and customer service, respecting at the same time environmental, social and market ethics.

The numerous European product certificates guarantee the highest construction standards for every single product.

All the products are tested by some of the most important inspection organization worldwide.
OKBABY adopts the concept of controlled production; this allows to identify and correct promptly possible problems that can cause a faulty production.

Each year the R&D team creates new products that further enrich the catalogue of useful and safe products, that will make every mom’s life easier.

Investing in R&D and production and having its own design team made OKBABY more and more successful with a huge presence in the European markets.

The production process is defined by a co-injection molding process.

Currently the OKBABY catalogue is divided into five product lines:

  • Wellness products
  • Bath products
  • Hygiene products
  • Products that help mum in the routine organization
  • Bike accessories: bike seats and helmets.

Every product complies with the following requirements:

  • Raw material quality
  • Innovative design
  • Safety and reliability


The headquarter is in Telgate (a few kilometers far from Bergamo) credited as the core for nursery products and one of the main European players for the manufacturing of nursery products.


Thanks to an accurate commercial policy both with the sector operators and the end consumers, OKBABY keeps constantly monitored the needs of different markets, meeting all the new market expectations.
Our presence in the main sector exhibitions and our cooperation with distributors and specialized independent stores allows us to gather detailed information and to be dynamic towards markets with different features and needs. At the moment our products are distributed in Italy, Europe, Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland, Eastern countries, Croatia, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, U.S.A., Australia, Taiwan, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, China, India, Korea, Dominican Republic. The distribution channels are differentiated according to the country realities and needs.

Some figures:

  • Employees: 50 people among offices, production, warehouse and logistic.
  • Surface: 15.000 sqm