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Q: May it happen that some water come out of the jets if I turn the whirlpool air cycle on after emptying and drying off the bath?
A: Yes, it may happen. When emptying the bath, some water gets into the air jets. It is advisable that, after emptying the bath, you keep the whirlpool air cycle on for about a minute, so that the water left inside comes out of the jets.

Q: When I start the “Bagno Relax” lights cycle, the LED lights turn on but their color seems to stay the same.
A: The “Bagno Relax” cycle is a color sequence of 4 blue shades (Blue-indigo-blue-purple). Each shade keeps turned on for about 4 minutes, after that it automatically changes into the following shade. The cycle repeats every 15 minutes.

Q: Beyond the “Bagno Relax” cycle, is there any other play of lights?
A: Yes, there is. To activate it, keep pressed the lights button for 10 seconds. A nonstop cycle will be activated with the following colors: Blue-Green-Red-Yellow.

Q: Can I put two babies at the same time in the bath?
A: Though the bath is stable and can support the weight of two babies, we strongly advise you against doing that. The main reason is because the bath is a very delicate moment and the parent must pay attention to the baby, in order to avoid any kind of incident, included drowning!!!

Q: The baby seems to be calm and happy in the bath. Can I leave him alone and let him enjoy the lights and the air bubbles?
A: Absolutely NOT! When the baby is in the bath, you must be within arms reach. Babies can drown even if the water is only one centimeter deep!

Q: The support legs seem different. One pair has wheels and the other pair hasn’t. Is it a defect?
A: No, it isn’t. According to the norm, the legs must have two parts that cannot move or that are blocked, in order to avoid that the bath can move and become unstable.

Q: Why is there an external transformer? Wasn’t it more simple to have the plug directly into the wall socket?
A: According to the regulations related to the safety of electrical products, we have decided to use a transformer so that inside the bath there is no internal voltage that can be dangerous for the baby. With its 12V functioning, Onda Luxy Bubbles is absolutely safe.

Q: Is there any risk that some water can get inside the bath and cause a short circuit?
A: The electronic component of the bath is completely isolated from any possible water infiltration. Even when some water gets into the electric part. The internal voltage of 12V guarantees total safety and the exclusion of electric shock risk.

Q: Can I avoid to screw the safety cap under the bath during its usage?
A: We always recommend to use the cap in order to avoid leaking on the floor.

Q: Is the bath safe?
A: Onda Luxy Bubbles has been developed and tested according to the upmost chemical, mechanical and electric safety regulations. The bath has been tested and certified by an important European qualified organization.